UPDATE: In the video, we incorrectly said your testimonial video about how God’s voice has changed your life is due April 8, not May 8. Sorry! So we’ve pushed the deadline back to Monday, May 11. Can’t wait to see your testimonial!

In honor of the new re-launch of the book The Art of Listening Prayer I’m holding a giveaway over the next week!

I have heard thousands of stories of how this book and concept has changed the lives of so many over the last ten years. I am so thankful for the stories and responses I have heard, and now I want to give you all the opportunity to share your story.

I’m asking that you submit a short video, introducing yourself and telling us how Listening Prayer impacted your life. You can share a story of how you heard God’s voice or what he said to you. The first ten videos will receive a FREE, SIGNED copy of the new 10 Year Anniversary Edition of The Art of Listening Prayer.

Check out the video for more details and how to enter!

I believe God has give you these stories to display his glory, and we have a responsibility to tell others.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Record video introducing yourself and telling your listening prayer story or testimony.
  • Post your video to Youtube and share the link in the comments below by Monday, May 11th.

Share your video! We want to hear your story!